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I'll be making one person a imple reference sheet like the one seen below (but with nicer looking writing).
However, I will be picking only one OC , so this is not "first come first serve".

-There must be at least 5 "entries" before I pick one. Once I'm done accepting entires, I'll mark this as closed, and will pick an OC soon after.
-I must have a clear reference to go off. Including; Accessoires, wand (+discription, preferably off Pottermore), pet and biography. If you do not provide me with a clear reference for the outfit, they'll be drawn in the same outfit as mine (with pants for males).
-If your character doesn't exist "on paper" yet and I have to design it for you, please provide me with a clear discription of everything listed previously, trough images found on google or something.
Harry Potter sona refsheet NO LONGER ACCURATE by mzza-art
KniightSkye Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015  Student General Artist
So basically (sorry if i get confused) we can write a deacription of what the character would look like. With pet wand the outfit and what house it belongs too nd so forth?
mzza-art Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
yup c:
I do suggest you use Pottermore though, since it bases everything on your personality and stuff ^-^
well I mean you could do anythign you want, but it's what I'd do/did c:
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